3 Things to Look for in a Reliable CBD Supplier

While the rapidly growing CBD industry may still be in its infancy, it’s already expected to surpass $23.7 billion by 2023. But it can be difficult for hemp-using manufacturers and producers to find a reliable supplier that can meet their needs. 

Whether you’re still in the R&D phase or actively seeking a CBD partner, here are three things to consider when choosing a supplier.


1. Seek Transparency in Processes and Practices

Using the latest technologies, the AgTech industry has enabled a more transparent farming process from seed to deliverable product. New technologies make it possible to gain visibility into a supplier’s farming and harvesting practices, as well as extraction and testing methods to ensure quality, purity, consistency, and compliance. 

When evaluating a supplier for hemp-derived CBD, ask them what measures they take to provide transparency across their farming practices. For example, Integrated CBD is utilizing cutting-edge Verified Organic blockchain technology to ensure that every step of their supply chain is fully documented and immutable, from planting, farming, and harvesting to drying, extraction, and testing. 

Sales of products containing CBD
are expected to top $5 billion in 2019,
a 700% increase from 2018.

— Brightfield Group

2. Look for Scale and Reliability

Most hemp growers are still small enough that they cannot reliably scale for commercial applications. To ensure consistency in both product and delivery, the CBD supplier you choose must have the ability to meet commercial expectations and standards for quality and quantity.  

Look for a CBD supplier that produces hemp at scale. Adequate acreage is needed to ensure the supplier can produce enough hemp to meet your commercial needs and at the best price. If that acreage is contiguous all the better. Growing hemp only across the entire operation prevents cross-pollination, ensuring the highest-quality finished product. Year-round production also signifies that a supplier is reliable and able to guarantee supply.

3. Demand Quality in Product and Partner

The quality of hemp-derived CBD is critical when developing new consumer and pet products, from skincare and cosmetics to food and beverages. Just like single-origin coffee and single-malt whiskey are more distinct and consistent, single-origin hemp derives unique qualities from the location where it's grown and is purer than hemp sourced from a number of farms. 

By working with a supplier that produces single-origin CBD, you’re able to produce highly consistent products of the highest quality. A certified organic hemp supplier further allows you to produce the environmentally responsible and sustainable products that today’s health-conscious consumers expect. 
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