Integrated CBD’s Solution To The Supply Chain Issue

Integrated CBD’s solution is to deliver an institutional quality, scale and reliability supply chain to the Fortune 500. We are building a Vertically Integrated, Verified Organic™, GMP Certified, Industrial Hemp to Pharma-Grade CBD solution. We will have the largest plant in the U.S. to meet large Fortune 500 company demands. Thus allowing our investors to profit significantly from this opportunity by creating a multi-billion-dollar company capable of public market exit. 


•Access to over 10,000 acres of certified organic/conventional farmland in Arizona
(target planting September 2019). 

•Build the largest per day extraction plant in the United States (target opening in Q4 2019). 

•To produce proprietary seed genetics for 2020 planting. 

•Develop the purest, organic, refined CBD materials, providing custom tailored solutions for
large multinational brands. 

•We have the ability to produce organic bespoke materials for the largest industrial companies
– Pharma and Consumer. 

•Our team has raised billions of institutional capital and executed on complex
operating businesses. 

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If you are in need of research funding or are interested in
collaborating on CBD, industrial hemp or seed genetics
research contact us.

We believe there is a massive pent up demand from large multinational companies, but there is no reliable institutional quality product supplier today.
— Russell Gross, CFO


A leading agricultural private equity fund that owns and operates commercial scale U.S. farmland for institutional investors. Integrated AG LP is a vertically integrated investment manager that sources, designs, develops and operates value-add farmland investments.


Verified Organic™ is developing enterprise software based on the Ethereum Blockchain to bring transparency and accountability to the organic food production process from farm to table. The platform is designed to track and verify each step in the crop production process, from planting to distribution.